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The following information is provided as a requirement of the Condominium Property Act
for sale of units by a developer

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Below is the Purchasers Information Package in separate sections for easy access (subject to reviews)


Working with the cohousing development consultant and property management company, the standard bylaws have been revised to accommodate the needs of a cohousing community.

Property Management Agreement
The decision was made on Sept 4, 2011 to hire Landover Property Management Group.

Recreational Agreement
There is no recreational agreement or proposed recreational agreement

Lease or Transfer of Common Property
There is no lease or transfer or proposed lease or transfer of common property

There is an enclosed parking area with 19 parking stalls accessed from Avenue J and 5 outdoor stalls along the north side of the building accessed from the rear lane. The Condominium Corporation will own the parking (which will be classified as common property) and each home owner will have the right to the use of one parking stall if they have need of one. Because there are not enough parking spaces indoors for all residents, residents who park indoors will pay $10 per month in addition to the regular monthly maintenance fee. Residents who park outdoors will get a discount of $70 per month against their monthly maintenance fee. All the unsold units will be assigned parking stalls in the enclosed parking area. The residents will review the parking arrangements on a yearly basis.

When the condominium plan is registered at land titles, each unit must have a designated parking space. At closing, members and their financial institution agree to sign a form D to allow the parking spaces to be designated as noted above (giving the authority to the condominium corporation to assign parking stalls as required.) Once this has been done, it is good until the condominium corporation decides to change it (no need for future purchasers to sign off).

Condominium Plan


As of this date there are:

  • (i) the majority of the units are occupied by owners
  • (ii) rental policy in place

Caretakers Suite

  • A caretaker’s suite is NOT included

Units Designed for nonresidential use

  • There are NO units designed for nonresidential use

Saskatchewan Condominium Act and Regulations

Contributions to the Common Expenses

  • Contributions to the common expenses will commence within 30 days of the occupancy permit being issued for the building


  • No security has been required by the developer under the Condominium Property Act

Proposed Operating Budget for after move-in Expenses and Maintenance Fees

  • The operating budget is approved at the annual AGM. The scheme for owner’s contributions to the operating expenses is based on Unit Factors.

Wolf Willow Cohousing – Living in Community (subject to reviews)