Wolf Willow landscape plan

By Ken Wiggins – May 10th, 2012

Our landscape plan began as a list of desired features produced by a whole-group “brainstorming” session.  A landscape committee of eight members met frequently for several months to discuss possible ways to include everything on the “wish list”.  Research and field trips were undertaken and many photographs of desirable garden features were studied.  Several versions of the plan were sketched and brought to Wolf Willow meetings for feedback.  When the plan was nearly completed, we hired Lyndon Penner, the well-known prairie garden expert, to answer questions, criticize our plans, and suggest plant species.  Following his input the plan was finalized, displayed for the Wolf Willow group, and presented to the city for approval.

Although the total area to be landscaped is relatively small, we are confident our gardens will be very beautiful and produce a bounty of edible delights for community enjoyment.  We intend to do all the work required to create these gardens and to hand-build the hard features indicated.  Container gardening on the second-floor courtyard and fourth floor common deck has been discussed but detailed plans are still to be developed.

If the amount of fun had by the landscape committee in creating this plan is any indication, there is an enormous amount of gardening satisfaction and enjoyment in store for the community.  We can’t wait to be able to get at it!