Mick Graham is a retired special education teacher, father of eleven year old Elise, Buddhist, socialist, vegetarian, gay, fitness buff, and traveler.

Mick grew up in Regina, got a BA, BEd at U of R, U of S, and UBC, taught for 25 years in Saskatoon.

Elise and her mom Kathy live in cohousing in North Vancouver at Quayside Village, so Mick has seen cohousing up close for eleven years. Cohousing is the answer for all “baby boomers” who don’t want to live alone and want to “age in place” with kindred spirits. It is ecologically responsible, socially beneficial, and hard work..like all things worthwhile.

The preponderance of older people means we are a great political and social force. We have the time, money and experience to change our world significantly, cohousing is a first significant step toward this. Join us, be part of the fun.