I, along with my two brothers and four sisters grew up on a farm north of The Battlefords, where our parents taught us a strong work ethic and politics was our religion.  Though it has been many years since I’ve lived on the farm, the farm will never leave me.  I will die a farmer at heart.

I worked for the Provincial Government in different ministries for 40 years.  I worked for Provincial Parks, for the Ministry of Health and for Social Services.

I am a socialist, and a humanist.

I have two grown children.  Sandra is a teacher and lives in Saskatoon with her cat. Donald is a realtor and lives in Calgary with my his wife Carmen and their dog Duke. Don and Carmen have 3 grown children between them, Ivan, Brandon and Abby. Abby has a little boy called Landon.

I love living in co-housing. It is everything I had hoped for and more. When I think how lonely it would have been to be living alone in my tiny little house, it makes me very grateful to be at Wolf Willow. What a wonderful way to age in place.

How exciting it was to be a part of planning where we will hopefully spend the rest of our lives.  The workshops, the sauna, the exercise room, and the large common areas, both inside and outside, are only a few of the things I enjoy sharing with my neighbors.  How nice it is to have an in house movie night, or a communal dinner, or to make salsa and jam together in the big beautiful kitchen.  It is so much nicer than a nursing home