Since moving to Saskatoon from southwestern Ontario in 1991, we have lived in three different houses, the current one being our retirement bungalow in City Park. So, why another move to cohousing rather than staying put or moving to a condo in Victoria? We are very committed to the concept of cohousing and the possibilities of aging in place with a community of dynamic, caring people like the members of Wolf Willow. We have long wished for this kind of intentional community and realize that Saskatoon, with its strong history of social activism, and Wolf Willow are the best places to realize this wish.

Eliza, a Bluenoser by birth, moved to Ontario as a child. She was to grow up to become a nurse. She worked in hospitals and for the Victorian Order of Nurses in Stratford Ontario. When she first moved to Saskatoon she felt that she had moved as far from the ocean as possible, but has fallen in love with the unique landscape of the prairies. Her career here has taken her to community nursing so she understands the challenges of seniors wishing to stay in their own homes. She is currently winding down her career as a footcare nurse and enjoys mentoring students at SWITCH and volunteering at Crocus Co-op. Full retirement will afford her the time to pursue her hobbies of Scottish country dancing and baking.

Louise travelled extensively after graduation from university, but always dreamed of having sheep on her family farm, a dream that Eliza helped to realize after she came into Louise’s life in 1983. But then, Louise got an offer she couldn’t refuse from the University of Saskatchewan. (Fortunately, Eliza agreed to move too.) Louise has particularly enjoyed the last few years as University Co-Director of the Community-University Institute for Social Research where she works with wonderful people committed to making Saskatoon a better place for all to live. After retirement and the move to Wolf Willow, Louise looks forward to (re)learning Tai Chi, pottery, spinning and weaving and drumming, etc. from our talented neighbours.

We are thankful that the members of Wolf Willow have welcomed the wonder dog, Joey, into the community.

For the past ten years Eliza, Louise and Joey have appreciated the proximity to the river and downtown that living in City Park affords us. We are very excited that we will continue to be close to the river, downtown, and to the Farmer’s Market.