After five years dreaming and planning, we are finally ensconced in our stunning apartment in Wolf Willow Cohousing!  Following over three decades on our farm and now newly retired (Margo from teaching and Ken from farming) we have returned to Saskatoon to begin the next stage of our lives as urban dwellers.

Living so close to the river and downtown in a neighbourhood that is itself currently undergoing a revival is an exciting place to be.  We are delighted to be living where our two sons are nearby. We are becoming increasingly aware of the many pursuits, particularly in the arts, that a quickly growing Saskatoon has to offer and are slowly adapting to urban life.  This transition is made much easier for us by our neighbours here in this vibrant cohousing community.  Since taking up residence, we’ve continued to work together making decisions about the effective running of our community and building, sharing resources, and socializing in many different ways.  In so doing, we have come to realize what it feels like when theory becomes reality.  We look forward to the next decades and aging gracefully among friends and neighbours.