Currently living in Regina with her partner Jan, Erin lived in Saskatoon for 23 years. She is a retired United Church of Canada minister who, prior to serving in Ministry in Balcarres, Moose Jaw & Regina, worked as the Coordinator of a Group Home for young women and as the Director of AIDS Saskatoon. Erin has been a political activist for 30 years on feminist, lesbian/gay and anti-uranium issues. She is a founding member of Herstory: a Canadian Women’s Calendar.

In retirement Erin enjoys knitting, spinning, gardening, reading and cooking and is excited about doing many of these things with Wolf Willow community members. She has been interested in intentional communities for many years and has enjoyed experiences of visiting the Findhorn Community and together with Jan, volunteering with the Iona Community in Scotland. She has participated in a Habitat for Humanity build in Saskatoon. Erin has three children and five grandchildren.

Although familiar with Saskatoon, Jan has lived most of her life in Regina. She has recently retired from the Saskatchewan Archives and is now teaching an online History class through the University of Regina which focuses on Prairie women. Two of Jan’s other passions are social justice and music. She has been active in feminist and gay causes over the years.

Living in co-housing will provide many opportunities to share gifts, learn new things, and share music. Music is important to us both and we enjoy singing in Prairie Pride Chorus (Regina’s g/l/b/t choir). Erin plays flute and piano while Jan plays guitar, bass guitar, drums and various percussion. As well as playing music together we both enjoy doing genealogy and travelling.

Erin Shoemaker and Jan Harvey feel that they have found, in Wolf Willow, a creative, dynamic community where they can age in place in community.