Eileen came to Saskatoon as a bride nearly 50 years ago expecting to practice midwifery as she had in England. Instead, she and her husband produced five offspring of their own.

Over the years she has worked as a professional actress, a bookseller with McMillan, a nurse and finally as a midwife traveling the length and breadth of Saskatchewan catching babies.

She is now retired but still engaged with theatre, the University Chorus, is a soloist with her church choir and active with various volunteer organizations like Grandmothers for Grandmothers and the Raging Grannies (a group of older ladies who dress up in shawls and bonnets to sing protest songs at rallies).

For fun, she spins, weaves, knits, reads and plays a mean game of tennis; she also does crossword puzzles in her spare time, especially the Saturday Globe and Mail.

She is really happy to be part of Wolf Willow Cohousing and is enjoying living with this caring family of friends.