Cliff and Sylvie were married in 2001. They are blest with wonderful grandchildren and great grandchildren with whom they love sharing their energies. Their life is also rich with loving families and friends. Both enjoy traveling and hope to continue seeing new parts of the world during these wonderful years of aging. They also enjoy sporting activities with Cliff curling in the winter and Sylvie golfing in the summer. Great time is also spent digging around in the garden creating a more beautiful world for their community to enjoy. Volunteering is also an important part of their life and they have traveled afar to help build houses with Habitat for Humanity.

After having spent his early working years on road construction and with a Saskatoon business, Cliff started and operated his own insurance agency in Vanscoy for 12 years until 1990 at which time he decided to retire. Sylvie spent 30 years in education, both in teaching and in administration. In retirement, Their retired years have been very full with Cliff spending a lot of time building in the workshop at Wolf Willow  and organizing provincial walks to promote healthy lifestyles. Sylvie is an aspiring artist who enjoys working in oils, acrylics and glass.

After much thought and deliberation, in 2010, they agreed that it is best to make the decision to leave the farm soon rather than wait until health and age issues make it necessary to perhaps leave on a negative note. Cliff and Sylvie are proof that when a door closes another one opens and they recognize that the new door they have passed through has led to many new and interesting adventures as part of the Wolf Willow Cohousing community.

“Life was not always easy for both of us having been dealt major challenges such as divorces and the death of cherished partners and two beloved children. We are learning to continue on and to cherish our children’s memories while hanging on to the rainbows that God shows us along the way. We are proud to share in such an interesting home which supports our desire to live in a sustainable society. Choosing to become part of this cohousing development has allowed us to continue striving towards leaving a smaller footprint on our planet”.