Name: Pet Policy
Proposal Number: 01
Revision Number: 3 (updated Sept 4, 2011)
Committee: Community Building
Contact Name: Member

At Wolf Willow Cohousing we embrace all living beings, and understand the profound bond that can form between human and pet. This policy is devised as a framework for the welcoming of pets into the community. We are agreed that we do not want a policy containing many conditions or rules. We hope to address the expressed needs of the members, pet owners and non pet owners alike, present a few necessary conditions for the acceptance of pets, and deal with other issues as they arise.
The Pet Club was formed to meet the needs that have been expressed by the members in past discussions and with the goal of happy pets/happy people. These needs are as follows: safety, hair free common rooms, low noise, low mess, pets under control and responsible pet owners.

Every person who moves into the community with a pet will become a member of the pet club. Pictures of the pets and their names will be posted in the common house so all members of the community will know who has pets, where they live and be able to call the animal by name. The pet club is an inclusive entity and as such invites non pet owners to become members of the pet club and to go onto a “willing to walk your dog”, or “would like to walk your dog with you” list.

All animal owners must comply with City of Saskatoon regulations pertaining to licensing/responsible pet ownership.

Pet owners joining Wolf Willow Cohousing must produce proof of vaccinations and, proof that the animal has been fixed must be supplied.

Dogs must be under control at all times. If the pet club is made aware of control problems in a community dog, a suggestion for doggie training will be made to the owner and names of trainers given. Cats will be confined to private suites, unless leash trained, in which case they may be outside, on a leash, with the owner.

The pet club respects the fact that not all members will be animal lovers, and that some people moving in will have health problems with animals in confined spaces. Therefore it is suggested that no animals, with the exception of service dogs, will be allowed in any of the common areas. Common areas refer to all areas that are not individual suite or units. If it is necessary to walk a dog through the common areas to go out for a walk, the dog shall be under control, on a leash. Pets may be in outside common areas, on a leash, with the owner, in nice weather.

Pet owners shall be responsible for cleaning up after their animals. It is suggested that a pet run, easily accessed from the building, be included in the design. This will enable owners close proximity to the building at night and in the winter. The run, however, must be kept clean by the pet owners. It is expected that should problems arise, the individuals involved will attempt to deal with the situation first. If unsuccessful, the pet club will try to resolve the issue.

The following restrictions on pets will apply:

  1. Domesticated cats, dogs, small birds, small fish, small caged animals are welcome at Wolf Willow Cohousing. Exceptions would include snakes, reptiles, or spiders.
  2. No animal which has attacked a human or domestic animal shall be welcome in the community. This includes aggressive dog breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, or Rottweilers.
  3. Any animal that falls within one of the above descriptions must be approved by the community as a whole.
  4. (Added Sept 4, 2011) A maximum of two dogs OR two cats OR one dog and one cat will be allowed in each private unit. Approval may be given by the community on a case by case basis to allow additional pets.

This policy will be revisited as situations arise.

Proposal distribution date: August 10, 2010
Planned business meeting discussion date: Sept 19, 2010
Planned business meeting decision date: Sept 19, 2010
Actual decision date: Sept 19, 2010
Outcome: Approved by consensus