Name: Parking Policy
Proposal Number: 05
Revision Number: 4
Committee: Legal Finance
Contact Name: Member

  1. Wolf Willow has 24 parking stalls, 19 inside the garage and 5 outside. The 19 inside the garage and 2 or 3 outside are designated parking for Wolf Willow units. The other outside stalls are for visitors.
  2. Parking stalls are signed over to the community at time of purchase.*</li>
  3. Each household will be allowed the use of one parking stall. If a household has more than one vehicle it is expected that the second vehicle be parked on the street, not in a visitor stall.
  4. At least one month prior to initial move-in, stalls will be assigned by lottery or by the parking ‘Czar’. Any unsold units remaining at this time will be assigned a stall inside the garage. However, until the unit[s] is sold, the inside stall can be used by a member who would otherwise be parking outside.
  5. Some narrow stalls may be allocated ahead of time.
  6. Stalls may be used for limited storage. Items stored must fit within the lines of the parking stall and must not cause the vehicle to be parked beyond the 19’9″ length. Items must be packed in bins or in some manner so that they are not easily dislodged by wind or action within the garage. No garage storage may in any way impede the functioning of the sprinkler system.

Limits on Vehicles parked in the garage

  1. No vehicle[s] parked in a stall may take up more than 19’9″ in length.
  2. No RVs may be parked in the garage.
  3. No propane-powered vehicles may be parked in the garage.

Control over parking

  1. There will be a ‘Czar of the Car’ who will oversee parking needs, including the need to re-allocate some stalls should that be necessary.
  2. Any disagreements will be settled by the WW Council.
  3. If all 21 households need parking space, three households will be asked to park outside with HC stall #19 available for short-term use and unloading from vehicles parked outside. The households whose parking stalls are outside the garage will receive a reduction in monthly condo fees, the amount of which will be determined once the maintenance budget has been finalized.
  4. If all 21 spaces are not needed #3 will not be in effect. In the same way, if, over time, spaces open up in the garage, households that have been parking outside will be asked to move inside.
  5. Car co-ops will have the choice of parking inside the garage.
  6. The decision as to whether or not empty spaces may be rented by other Wolf Willow households and under what circumstances as well as the rental rates will be decided by the Wolf Willow Council.

*The condominium corporation owns the parking (as common property) and will designate the use as needed. When someone purchases a unit they are also purchasing a share of the parking as part of the common property. Every homeowner is guaranteed the use of one parking stall, but the community decides how parking stalls that are not needed for vehicle parking will be used. In other words, if an individual does not have a vehicle, the community can choose to use that stall for other purposes (such as bicycle storage or parking for someone who has more than one vehicle).

Modification date: December 7, 2012
Outcome: Approved by consensus