Proposal Name: Multi-Purpose Room #2 – Use and Furnishing
Document Date: January 2012
Proposal Number: 13
Contact Name: Member
The following proposed policy flows directly from the discussions at the December meeting.

The following proposed policy provides a framework and leaves the responsibility for day to day management of the room to those who use it

  • The primary use is as a Music Room. Other uses are welcomed that are appropriate to the available space.
  • The room can be booked, first for music use, second for other uses.
  • Those who use the room can keep their musical instruments in the Music Room. Donated musical instruments can be left in the room for everyone’s use.
  • Donated musical instruments can be used by all members. Other instruments can be used with permission of the owner. All musical instruments left in the Music Room will be labelled (on its case or on another appropriate place) with the name of the owner.
  • Children must be supervised at all times while in the Music Room.
  • The use, cleaning and management of the room and musical instruments will be in the hands of a committee of those who regularly use the room. The committee can develop rules for the proper use of musical instruments.
  • All those creating music in the Music Room will be thoughtful of others in terms of both the sound level and the time they are doing music.

Creation of the Music Room Committee
***, ***, **, ******** and **** will comprise the Music Room Committee to develop further plans regarding use of the room and instruments.

Decision date: January 8, 2012
Outcome: Approved by consensus