Proposal Name: Booking of Main Common Area (Kitchen/Dining Room/Lounge)
Document Date: September 4, 2011. Revised May 11, 2013
Proposal Number: 06
Revision Number: 1

This policy aims at accomplishing a number of different objectives:

  • Clarifying the process for booking the common house for different events;
  • Clearly defining at least three different types of events which might take place in the common area (i.e. closed door events, open door events and spontaneous events) and some guidelines for how often closed door events should be allowed; and
  • Suggesting an approach to making our space accessible to external groups.

The following definitions help identify the potential different uses:

Closed Door Event ‐ an event that a member is hosting, at which some or all other members may be excluded from attending, and which may also include people from outside the community. For example; private parties, celebrations, AGM’s, workshops, process sessions, lectures, etc. Generally it was agreed that a limited number of Closed Door Events would be allowed per month.

Open Door Event ‐ an event that is open to any member of the community attending, and which may also include people from outside the community. For example; committee or business meetings, parties, celebrations, drum circles, open exercise classes, movie nights, games, cooking or craft events.

Spontaneous Event ‐ An event that has not been planned or booked before the day on which it takes place, and which may include people from both inside and outside the community.


  1. Booking Calendar: That a calendar be placed in the entry to the main common area to be used exclusively for booking events in this space. Residents are responsible for ensuring they are adhering to the guidelines when booking an event. Any concerns about use of this main common area can be brought to the community.
  2. Closed Door Events: That the following limitations be applied to booking for “closed door” events:
    • Weekend nights* maximum  4 per month, and 1 evening per weekend.
    • Weekend days maximum  2 per month.
    • Weekday nights** maximum  1 per week. None at times that conflict with regularly scheduled community meetings, meals or other events.
    • Weekdays open, no restrictions apply.
      *         Weekend nights refers to the period of time starting at 4:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.
      **       Weekday nights refers to the period of time starting at 4:00 pm, Monday to Thursday.
  3. Open Door Events: That the use of these facilities for “open door” events have no restrictions, but should be marked on the events calendar as far ahead of the date of the event as possible to minimize conflict with other community events. In the event of conflicts or issues that arise from this kind of use, these matters will be referred to the community. Particular attention should be paid to avoid conflicting with community meals.
  4. Spontaneous Events: There is no specified limit on the number of spontaneous events, their occurrence is governed solely by the availability of the space for use. These events should be posted on email and the events calendar as soon as the host decides to hold the event.
  5. Holiday Seasons: Any booking of the main common area will be restricted to open door events during the following holiday periods. Members wishing to book closed door events during these times must get approval from the community.
    • Christmas ‐ one week before and one week after December 25th.
    • Thanksgiving ‐ the long weekend of.
    • Easter ‐ the long weekend of.
  6. Non‐member Events (Outside Bookings): For the next six months (until October 31, 2013), we agree to allow external groups to book the common room space as long as at least one Wolf Willow member is a member of that organization and agrees to host the event.  As part of hosting the event, the Wolf Willow member will let the community know that the group is using the space, will agree to keep the common area door closed during the event, and will post a sign on the door saying that it is a “private event”.  The host is responsible for ensuring that all items listed below under “7.  General Conditions” are addressed.  Before the end of this six month period we agree to revisit this part of the policy to see how it is working.
  7. General Conditions: The following general conditions will apply to the use of the main common area:
    • Clean‐up ‐ the host/initiator of the event takes responsibility for the returning the facility to a clean and orderly state. Including all dishes, utensils, appliances, counters, sinks, floors, garbage and recycling, linen, furniture and bathroom facilities.
    • Donations ‐ donations to the community improvement fund are welcomed but not required.
    • Signage ‐ signs (examples following) are to be hung on the main entrance door during the event so that residents are aware that an event is happening and times when they may enter the main common area.

Decision date: September 4, 2011.  Revised May 11, 2013

Outcome: Approved by consensus