Proposal Name: Laundry Room Guidelines
Document Date: October 2011
Proposal Number: 08
Contact Name: Member

RATIONALE/VALUES:A survey of equity and associate members conducted in October 2011 indicated that 15 WW households intend to use the laundry room exclusively. At move-in our laundry room will be furnished with three washers and three dryers. We will accept donated washers and dryers. As they need to be replaced, we are committed to purchasing stackable sets that are “state of the art” energy efficient. The first set we purchase will accommodate “oversized” loads.

Simplicity of accounting and use: We wish to establish a simple system by which the energy, maintenance and replacement costs of the machines are easily and accurately calculated.

Flexibility: We understand people may have various needs with regard to the way costs are presented and paid.

Self-responsibility and fairness: We wish to have these facilities available to members on a cost recovery basis. The purpose of charging for laundry facilities is to enable us to accumulate funds toward the maintenance and eventual replacement of the machines. It is our expectation that the community will cover any cost shortfalls should they arise.

Security: We believe that coin-operated appliances invite crime and that the two systems offered in detail below allow for safe retrieval of costs.


Members who use the common laundry facilities may choose between the following two systems:

a) a flat rate: a system by which households pay a flat rate of $6.00 per person per month; OR
b) a chit system: by which users pay $.75 to wash and $.75 to dry ($1.50 per load)

At move-in, households who intend to use the common laundry exclusively will be asked to pay 6 months in advance. As we go forward, fees will be tallied and collected every 6 months. A binder in the laundry room will be available to track loads for users who opt for the “chit system”. All guests will be expected to use the chit system. Record-keeping and payment by the chit system will be on the honour system. Households may change systems as they wish. In the absence of written and specific information or direction (in the binder), households without washing machines will be charged the flat rate.

Money collected will be kept in a separate account until needed for maintenance or replacement of machines. Soon after move-in we should have the information we need to contact the City of Saskatoon (Utilities) for an estimate of actual costs.


  • The common laundry provides a cupboard in which individual households may store washing powders etc.; and the room will be furnished with a folding table and drying racks.
  • Following each use of the room, please wipe up any spills and sweep the floor.
  • If there is a finished load in the washing machine, please just place it in a clean place outside the machine, as everyone has different ideas about what goes in the dryer. (Perhaps we’ll have a few extra laundry baskets on the premises for this purpose.)
  • Please use the binder in the laundry room to track “chit system” loads.
  • The deep sinks in the laundry room are intended as laundry sinks (pet baths and washing of paint brushes etc. will occur elsewhere).
  • These guidelines will be revisited six months or a year after move-in when we’ve worked out any wrinkles and encountered situations we hadn’t anticipated.

If you have any questions about the system, please contact ****** or *****, Your Beautiful Laundresses….

Decision date: November 6, 2011
Outcome: Approved by consensus

(These guidelines were gratefully adapted from those for laundry room use at Cranberry Commons.)