Proposal Name: GUEST ROOMS #1 & #2 – Policy for Use
Document Date: February 2012
Proposal Number: 14
Contact Name: Member

Guest room #2 is not an exclusive guest room and may be used for other purposes. Guests need to put awayGuest room #1 is to be used exclusively as a guest room and may not be booked for other purposes. This room will be furnished with: 1 queen bed; 2 single beds or bunk beds or combo bunk bed/day bed (depending on donations); 2 chairs; desk/table or dresser; 2 night tables; mirror.

their belongings and return the bed to sofa position between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Our community maintains two guest rooms for the free use of members’ family and friends. All guests must have a Wolf Willow (WW) resident host. Donations are always welcome, but not required. The room must be booked prior to use. There will be a guest room booking calendar posted on the guest room door. Write your name on the dates when you want to book the room.

As a general guideline every household is entitled to approximately 17 days a year (365 days / 21 units) per guest room. Any days wanted over the annual unit average can be shared among members. Residents can book up to a maximum of 7 nights in a row. Any stays longer than this will need to be approved by the WW council. WW residents need to find a way to share the most highly desirable times to have family/friends visit.

We are open to visitors staying at WW (i.e. people from other communities, or people who are exploring the idea of cohousing) as long as a WW resident is willing to act as a host. For these types of visitors there will be a $25.00 charge per night and a maximum stay of 3 nights. Proceeds to be used for guest room supplies. Visitors are welcome to join in potlucks etc. and pay the going rate for a common meal.

The host is responsible for the behaviour of their guests and for ensuring guests understand the restrictions regarding smoking and the use of common space. (see welcome letter) Before your guest arrives it’s a good idea to check the room to be sure it is ready. You or your guest can make up the bed from the clean linen in the closet/dresser. If your guest won’t arrive until late put the “occupied” sign on the door of the guest room they will be using.

On the departure day the host is responsible for having the guest room ready by 2:00 p.m.

  • wash towels and bed linens and return to the closet/dresser . Extra sheets and towels are in the closet/dresser, so if you cannot do the laundry right away, you can return them by 6 p.m. on the day following departure
  • wash mattress covers, pillow covers if required
  • clean tub, toilet and sink. (cleaning supplies under sink in bathroom)
  • vacuum/sweep or wash floors
  • empty waste baskets
  • replenish toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies as needed from common house supplies
  • wash and replace water carafe and glasses (if they were used).


Sample Letter:

Welcome to Wolf Willow!

Wolf Willow is a “cohousing” community which means that everyone who lives here knows each other, and we have some space that we share. Our website has more information about us if you are interested: Please feel free to say hello to any one of us.

1. Key(s)
Your host will provide you with a room key. Please arrange with your host for entering the building.
2. Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted within indoor common property. Smoking will only be permitted within outdoor common property in the designated smoking area. Smokers are expected to ensure that their smoking does not bother their neighbours (WW residents).
3. Pets
Guests are not allowed to have pets with them in the guest rooms, however it is recognized that Service Dogs are not pets and would be welcome.
4. Use of the Kitchen
Please feel free to use our kitchen until 9 a.m. each morning. Please wash your dishes by hand and leave them on the drying rack each day when you finish your meal. If you use the fridge or freezer please label your item “guest suite” so we know it belongs to you.
5. Parking
You can park on the street or in the guest parking stall.
6. Recycling
Check with your host as to our policy.
7. Laundry and Cleaning
An extra set of sheets and towels are in the closet/dresser if you need them. There are cleaning products under the sink in the bathroom. If you would like to use the laundry room during your stay, please talk with your host and they will give you instructions on the use of this area.

We are happy to have you visiting with us, enjoy your stay.


Decision date: February 5, 2012
Outcome: Approved by consensus