Proposal Name: Managing Cleaning Tasks
Document Date: November 2011
Proposal Number: 10
Contact Name: Members

General Principles

  1. Teams of four will be created from the members who choose to be involved in the building maintenance. One team of four will be responsible for the cleaning tasks each week. The teams will work in a regular rotation. Each team will ensure that all necessary cleaning supplies are available for the next week’s team.
  2. Besides the weekly maintenance, there will be semiā€annual work bees, one in the spring and one in the fall. Anyone may participate in these bees. Other (eg. outside seasonal) maintenance jobs may be scheduled to coincide with the work bees. We may choose to hold some celebratory event to mark the completion of a work bee, eg. a BBQ.
  3. Snow clearing will be managed by other volunteer teams.
  4. Members who use the laundry room will be responsible for cleaning that area.
  5. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of the walkway on their floor.


  1. Sweep and damp mop all hard surface floors in Common House.
  2. Vacuum behind/under furniture in guest rooms & meeting rooms.
  3. Dust all indoor areas below eye level: ie. furniture, window ledges, baseboards and doors.
  4. Spot clean walls as needed.
  5. Wipe down switch plates, door knobs.
  6. Spot clean common area windows as required.
  7. Kitchen: surface clean all kitchen appliances; wipe down kitchen counters; wipe down inside fridge surfaces.
  8. Bathrooms: scrub & disinfect all fixtures.
  9. Courtyard area: sweep, tidy, wipe tables/chairs as required.
  10. Stairwells: sweep and or vacuum as required; wipe down handrails, window ledges, flashings.
  11. Dust light fixtures, replace bulbs as required.
  12. Elevator: vacuum & mop floor; wipe switches, doors as needed.
  13. Front entry & parkade entry: mop floor, dust as required, spot clean glass, and wipe/polish mailboxes as required.
  14. Clean recycling area.


  1. Storage & mechanical rooms swept
  2. Clean kitchen grout and reseal
  3. Deep clean kitchen cupboards
  4. Deep clean bathroom tile floors and tile walls and reseal grout
  5. Deep clean fridge, oven and microwave
  6. Thoroughly wash inside windows and sills, (guest rooms particularly)
  7. Do all high dusting up to 12′, including window coverings
  8. Power wash parkade
  9. Wash courtyard, roof deck and side yard.
  10. Clean outdoor drains in courtyard, and gutters at bottom of parkade.

Decision date: December 4, 2011
Outcome: Approved by consensus