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Mick in Costa Rica

By January 9, 2013December 10th, 2018No Comments

Hello to all of you! I am sitting at a bus stop a kilometer from my gorgeous house, because the computer connection is weak and slow. I hope you are all well and enjoying the post holiday time? I will annoy you by telling you it is 28 degrees and so green, but it is the animals and insects that are the most fascinating. I have met some wonderful people, especially Jesus Maria who is the 80 year old father of my landlord. Bless his heart he has taken me to Nicoya (we go on the bus … quite the adventure) twice, yesterday for this internet thing! I am exploring the hills around my house to find a connection. There are signals but exactly where is the problem.

I have been here a week and have yet to go to the beach as I have been busy with other things. Vidal and his boyfriend Yohan as well as Yohan’s mom picked me up at the airport and it was so great to see them there with a sign with my name and Viada’s name, it was joyful. Took us one hour of fast driving to get to Nicoya and Nosarita … I am somewhat isolated but close to neighbours … Vidal’s dad Jesus is just at the end of my driveway, quite the steep driveway it is.

I have company … iguanas, bugs and insects of various kinds, many beautiful birds and even some humans who have been kind to bring me such things as a tank of gas for the gas stove so I can cook my beans. I get eggs from Jesus and they have all kinds of fruit trees, oranges, limes, star fruit, bananas, plantains, etc. I was at a family gathering at Jesus’s house on Sunday as it was his 80th birthday. Everyone spoke only Spanish except Raoul and it was so nice when he arrived, someone to have full sentence conversations with. Jesus is a good Spanish teacher, but his method is to repeat his sentence but just a little louder. I guess it works for some!

I will write again soon. I am very well. I love the house. It has 2 nice simple bedrooms, and the main part is a kitchen and the outer patio.

I went running the first day to see Wayne and Norm’s place, I saw it but they are not there now. I got lost and ran for 2 hours. You get to know the country side when you get lost, but everyone knows where Jesus lives, thank god! So I did eventually get home with lots of good directions, and sore feet and very thirsty body. I have discovered TANG that wonderful fruit drink that really quenches your thirst. I am drinking water from the tap. Wayne said it was ok and it seems to be. I feel so healthy, I just love the heat.

I will write again later, bye for now, hugs … Mick