Currently Wolf Willow Cohousing has one home for sale. Don’t leave this page before reading the Common House information and having a look at those photos first.

Unit 304

Please contact Jan or Erin for more info, and to view their home.

Phone: 306-384-4971
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

WW Condo Listing 304

More than a Condo!

Wolf Willow is the first Cohousing project built in Saskatchewan. Wolf Willow Cohousing is an innovative housing community. Owners conceived and developed. Designed and constructed with commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Condos are designed around 4,400 square feet of common space including a dining room, lounge, kitchen, laundry room, exercise room, sauna, multipurpose rooms, guest rooms, spacious workshop and two large common decks. More information about all these aspects are contained in various pages of this website, so if anything is of particular interest, please see Our Project and Our Community menus. The Resource page has many articles about the development and there are even videos to watch!

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Wolf Willow Common House